The Esquivel Megaband Press Kit

Reviving The Lost Space-Age Pop Music of Juan Garcia Esquivel

El Rescate y Inolvidable Sonido Estereofonico de Esquivel

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"Deliciously entertaining" The Wall Street Journal

"Incredible musicianship" Downbeat

"The perfect soundtrack for your space-age bachelor pad"WNYC

"4 Stars"The Sunday Times (London)

Covid-19 Statement

Like you, we are working through what it means to present our music and art during Covid-19 and are able and willing to discuss interactive, online/digital performance ideas with you including a remotely-produced live video performance. We're committed to the safety of patrons, ourselves, and you above all else--before the art. As such, we will ensure that any in-person performances we engage in will be done in a safe manner that all parties are comfortable with. These decisions will be based on our mutual needs, the conditions on the ground both at the time of any contractual booking, and in the weeks prior to the actual tour stop.

We began our own monthly Remotely Music Series in March 2020 foreseeing the long-term impact of Covid-19, and we're also committed to working with presenters like you to find new ways to connect, promote, market and engage audiences using the technology, constraints, and opportunities that the current world presents to us. We are also here to serve the arts community. I have been volunteering my time and talents to assist presenters and artists alike where possible, and if I can be helpful to you, please don't hesitate to contact me at 347.482.1775 or


Brian T. O'Neill
Artistic Director

Why Present the Esquivel Megaband?

  • Are you wondering "why present this group, and why now"?
  • Do bi-lingual artists (Spanish/English) enable you to connect with multiple communities within your audience?
  • Does your audience dig over-the-top one-of-a-kind projects that most listeners can't believe?
  • Do your audiences prefer "familiar repertoire," but also want to hear innovative new artists?

If so, here are (4) reasons the Esquivel Megaband might be great!

JS Esquivel
  • The Only Ensemble in The World Presenting Esquivel's Music
    Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica was the first ensemble to transcribe the lost space-age pop music of J.G. Esquivel—Mexico's Duke Ellington—and is also the only touring ensemble presenting his zany arrangements live. From Europe and Mexico, to the Montreal Jazz Festival, the Megaband has delighted audiences on multiple continents.
  • Story-Driven Audience Connection
    Every concert includes "narration" throughout, in which Mr. Ho takes the audience behind Esquivel's arrangements and the transcription process so they can more deeply appreciate what they're listening to. This is the #1 thing audiences repeatedly say they like about performances; there is no wall between the audience and ensemble at Orchestrotica shows!
  • Visually Distinct
    While most people have seen a "big band" before, they likely have never seen a Megaband! The Megaband's incredible collection of instruments and sounds is also set up in a way to allow kids and audience members to see the wild percussion section up front, the inside of a Hammond B-3 organ, and more.
  • Available in Spanish and Great for Mixed/Hispanic Audiences
    As the group has toured several times in Mexico, Mr. Ho can present the concert in English, Spanish, or both simultaneously. This is a great way to connect with Hispanic audience members in your community and showcase a unique Mexican/American artist who had a notable career in two countries.

About the Esquivel Megaband

Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica—in its Esquivel Megaband ensemble formation—is the world’s only way to experience the lost space-age pop music of Esquivel, live. Via meticulous transcriptions from the original 1950s hi-fi recordings, the band has recreated this masterful musician’s lost arrangements and presents them in a program called, Sonorama: The Lost Music of Esquivel. Featuring the music of Billy Strayhorn, Cole Porter, Ernesto Lecuona, and others, the show exposes listeners to the wild, zany mind of Mexico’s king of space-age bachelor pad music. In stereo, of course!

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"Deliciously entertaining"—Wall Street Journal

"4 Stars - Exquisite attention to details"—Sunday Times London

"Incredible musicianship"—Downbeat

"Obsession in its grandest form"—JazzIz


I recommend the [Esquivel Megaband] on behalf of the Montreal Jazz Festival. We and our massive crowds loved both of their shows, and the band was very easy to work with despite their large size. JazzIz loved their performance's "incredible precision and passion," and Michael Bourne personally told me he loved it as well. Marc-André Sarault Montreal Jazz Festival

Brian's work to transcribe the lost arrangements of Esquivel by hand is nothing short of incredible. Their concert at our festival was fantastic, and I will keep recommending this wonderful project to my peers! Claudia Norman Mexico Now Festival NYC

Who is Esquivel?

Juan Garcia Esquivel was Mexico's "Duke Ellington," a virtuosic pianist and large ensemble arranger that eventually became known as the "king of space-age bachelor pad music" posthumously. While he did compose a bit, he is known for his very distinct arranging style that was meant to exploit the new technology of the day: stereo. In addition to recording for RCA Living Stereo, he was also considered somewhat of a "playboy." Esquivel had a residency at the Stardust in Las vegas and also was personally asked to open up for Sinatra on several occasions. On our public website has a list of links to articles about Juan Garcia Esquivel and an Artist Statement from Mr. Ho.

Disponible en Español

This show is available in English, Spanish, or both and has been presented in Mexico several times.

Audio & Press Quotes

Title Listen Composer
Andalucia Lecuona
Night and Day Porter
The Boulevard of Broken Dreams Warren-Dubin
Sentimental Journey Green-Brown-Homer